BIOGAS EQUIPMENTBio Balance LLC deals with the supply of equipment and systems for combustion and purification of biogas (Waste Water Treatment plants, biomass plants), ancillary equipment for anaerobic digesters, vacuum sewerage systems.

Our standard production includes several product families, each one divided into specific operational ranges/sizes
Each line of products is manufactured for easy integration in the specific process sections of the plants supplied by our Clients.

-package “plug&play” units, ready for installation and operation
-standard equipment optimised in order to ensure the best cost/performance ratio
-customized and tailor-made solutions

We pride ourselves in taking care of our Clients and a key part is to ensure those responsible in operating and maintaining equipment are fully trained and prepared.

Our Service team is dedicated in providing qualified and effective support service to our Clients in many forms, either on-site or by remote assistance.